Learn about the Team at Metro Short-Term Program, including our Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Deputy Executive Officer, Finance.

Nalini Ahuja

Chief Financial Officer

Nalini Ahuja was appointed Executive Director, Finance and Budget in February 2014 (renamed Chief Financial Officer in July 2016). As Chief Financial Officer, Ms. Ahuja is responsible for the oversight of LACMTA’s Office of Management & Budget, Local Programming, TAP Operations, and the agency’s Financial Services including accounting and treasury functions. Her primary role as CFO is to serve as a steward of taxpayer’s dollars, ensuring that those resources are directed toward the priorities established by the public, the Board of Directors and the CEO, while minimizing waste and providing full transparency. Through her leadership, MTA has retained high credit ratings, its pension funds are industry leaders in funding and solvency, thus earning MTA the reputation as a strong and credible financial agency. This  was a key factor for Los Angeles residents entrusting us with another sales tax measure.

Ms. Ahuja began her career with LACMTA’s predecessor, the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission (LACTC), in 1986 as a technical and administrative analyst. She has advanced in her career in the agency, from technical and administrative analyst, to Project Manager, to Director, and Executive Director, and Chief Financial Officer at MTA.  With over 30 years of experience at MTA, her background and experience is in public finance and financial policy development towards seeking regional solutions to advance a multimodal transportation system for Los Angeles County.

Ms. Ahuja earned a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Economics from Miranda House, University of Delhi, as well as a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from UCLA.

Photo of Donna Mills

Donna Mills

(213) 922-4047

Donna R. Mills has 30 years experience in municipal and corporate finance.  As Treasurer at Metro, her responsibilities include investment management for Metro’s working capital and pension assets, debt issuance and administration. Since Donna assumed responsibility for the debt group Metro has completed bond offerings and secured TIFIA loans totaling $3.9 billion in par.  Donna joined Metro in December 1995 as Senior Investment Manager, was appointed Assistant Treasurer in 2001, and Treasurer in 2013. 

Prior to joining Metro, Ms. Mills held various financial positions with Pacific Enterprises and Southern California Gas Company.  Ms. Mills received her undergraduate degree in Economics and Sociology from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

Photo of LuAnne Edwards Schurtz

LuAnne Edwards Schurtz

Deputy Executive Officer, Finance
(213) 922-2554

LuAnne Edwards Schurtz has over 35 years’ experience in public finance and is currently a Deputy Executive Officer, Finance, with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.  She joined Metro in 2008 as Debt Manager, was appointed Assistant Treasurer in 2013, and Deputy Executive Officer, Finance in 2017. During her tenure with Metro she has completed over $7.4 billion of bond issues, including 4 TIFIA loans, and is responsible for the management of Metro’s $6 billion outstanding debt portfolio. Prior to joining Metro, she was President and Founder of Municipal Capital Management, Inc., providing financial advisory services related to debt financing and capital planning to numerous agencies, cities and special districts including City of Los Angeles, City and County of San Francisco, Santa Barbara County Local Transportation Agency, San Diego County Office of Education, City of San Diego and the California State Treasurer’s Office. Before that, she was a financial advisor with Government Finance Associates for 10 years, advising clients including Boston, Detroit, Wayne County (MI), the New Jersey Highway Authority and the New Jersey Local Finance Board.  Her career began at the New York MTA in Program Analysis.  She has a Master’s in Public Administration from NYU with a specialization in Public Finance and an undergraduate degree in Urban Studies from the University of Michigan.