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> 1,400 square-miles
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long-term debt outstanding (as of 1/1/24)
$5 billion

About Metro Investor Relations

2022 metro rail busway

 Metro (the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is the largest public transit operator west of Chicago.  As the principal transit provider in the southern California region, Metro serves about 75% of all transit trips within its 1,433 square mile service area, carrying approximately 900,000 passengers per day on buses and nearly 360,000 passengers on rail.  Metro operates four light rail lines and two heavy rail lines.  Metro also provides funding to 40 other municipal operators that offer fixed route service.  Metro also provides highway construction funding and traffic flow management.

Metro is unique among the nation's transportation agencies. We serve as transportation planner and coordinator, designer,  builder and operator for Los Angeles County, the country's largest by population.

Metro issues long-term debt primarily to finance a portion of the capital costs of the County transportation system.  The majority of Metro's long-term debt has been issued to fund the costs of the light and heavy rail lines, including system construction costs, as well as highway construction costs. Debt is secured primarily by three of its sales taxes (Proposition A, Proposition C and Measure R). Currently, there is no debt secured by the fourth sales tax, Measure M. Each of the four sales taxes are currently one-half of 1 percent.

Metro has eight core business goals:

Goal 1:   Advance safety and security for our customers, the public and Metro employees. 

Goal 2:   Exercise fiscal discipline to ensure financial stability. 

Goal 3:   Plan and deliver capital projects on time and on budget while increasing opportunities for small business development and innovation. 

Goal 4:   Improve the customer experience and expand access to transportation options. 

Goal 5:  Increase transit use and ridership. 

Goal 6:  Implement an industry-leading state of good repair program. 

Goal 7:  Invest in workforce development. 

Goal 8:  Promote extraordinary innovation.

The Team

Nalini Ahuja

Chief Financial Officer

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Rodney Johnson


(213) 922-3417


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Biljana Seki

Assistant Treasurer

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Michael Kim

Debt Manager

(213) 922-4026


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Matthew Wingert

Budget Manager

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Alexander D'Angelo

Financial Analyst

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