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Sales Tax Receipts

Quarterly Sales Tax Receipts ($millions)

Quarter EndedProposition AProposition CMeasure RMeasure M
March 31, 2021$214.4$214.4$214.3$213.2
December 31, 2020211.4211.4212.8213.8
September 30, 2020212.3212.6212.1212.5
June 30, 2020161.3161.3160.6159.7
March 31, 2020233.0233.0232.8231.8
December 31, 2019222.5222.5222.3221.1
September 30, 2019219.9219.9219.8217.3
June 30, 2019202.5202.5202.3201.8
March 31, 2019224.2224.2224.1223.6

Additional Sales Tax history can be downloaded from our Documents page.

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