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Sales Tax Receipts

Quarterly Sales Tax Receipts ($millions)

Quarter EndedProposition AProposition CMeasure RMeasure M
September 30, 2020$212.3$212.6$212.1$212.5
June 30, 2020161.3161.3160.6159.7
March 31, 2020233.0233.0232.8231.8
December 31, 2019222.5222.5222.3221.1
September 30, 2019219.9219.9219.8217.3
June 30, 2019202.5202.5202.3201.8
March 31, 2019224.2224.2224.1223.6
December 31, 2018214.2214.2214.8208.6
September 30, 2018*225.1225.0225.1226.4

*The September 2018 payment includes $37 million in FY18 revenue delayed due to California Department of Tax & Fee Administration's implementation of a new revenue system in May 2018.

Additional Sales Tax history can be downloaded from our Documents page.

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